Wood Fences

La Mesa Fence Contractor

Wood is the most popular material for constructing fences. Wood fences generally last 20+ years. We design our fences to enhance the functionality of a property while simultaneously providing much better aesthetics.

Wood is versatile in that your options for painting or staining the material are practically limitless. This provides for better customization options, including matching your home.

No matter what type of privacy fence you are looking for, we can help. Not only do our wooden fences provide for design flexibility, but they are cost-efficient, too.

We provide clients with a one-year warranty on newly installed wooden fences. Call Balboa Fence today to get a no-obligation quote or free estimate for fence installation.

Trending Styles

There are standard, more traditional wooden fence styles, like dog-ear and flat-top.

Picture Frame Fences

This type of wooden fencing is similar to traditional styles but is considered more elegant and decorative. You will incur additional material costs if you choose a picture frame wooden fence.

Other Types

Board on board fences, split rail fences, and picket fences are three other popular choices. Split rail fences are good for larger properties with cattle. Picket fences are more traditional and also affordable. One thing about picket fences is they are quite iconic and charming. Board on board fences provide for additional privacy.

The wooden fence you choose to have constructed needs to fit the needs of your property. Contact us for a free quote so we can discuss the details with you. We can guide you to making the best decision about which type of wooden fence is the best fit.