Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is considered to be more durable than other traditional fencing materials. While vinyl can be more costly, this material does not rot, and it doesn’t crack, mold, or weather easily. A brand new vinyl fence is going to look good, too.

Vinyl is not as susceptible to the sun’s UV rays, and therefore, it doesn’t fade easily. It is the type of material you need for a fence that sits in the San Diego sun. If you live near the coast, a vinyl fence stands up well against exposure to saltwater in the air.

Did you know that vinyl is non-toxic and made using recycled materials? Some types of fencing materials are treated using harsh chemicals. That is not the case with vinyl fencing.

Another great benefit of vinyl is that this type of fence can last up to 40 years. At Balboa Fence, we also provide customers with a one-year warranty for all new fence installations. And we provide a lifetime warranty on the fence itself.

Benefits Recap

  • Vinyl fencing is low-cost and low-maintenance
  • There is no need to paint or stain a vinyl fence
  • This type of fencing material stands up to the elements, and it is non-toxic and recyclable

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