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What You Need for DIY Fence Installation

Do you know what you need to install a fence? It’s said that good fences make good neighbors, and they certainly can provide quite a few benefits to a property they are installed around.

From keeping stray pedestrians and animals out of your yard to keeping kids and pets in, they serve many purposes. They can also just be aesthetically pleasing, even if not particularly functional when done right.

Fence installation on your own seems like it should be simple enough, and if you can do it on your own, you’ll save lots of money over professional installation and hiring a fence company in Mira Mesa, CA. Keep reading to learn what you need to install a fence in most cases:

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The tools you need will vary based on the fence. Some might just need a standard toolkit, but others might need special equipment rented out.

Workspace: You’ll need to clear out where the fence will go, but you’ll also need space for where to put your supplies and assembly as you work up to installation.


Some communities have zoning ordinances or even homeowner’s association bylaws that stipulate what kind of fencing you can put up, if any. You might need a local government permit, and you should always make sure that your fence stays on your property, just inside the actual line and not on it.


No matter how fast you think you might get a fence put up, don’t assume that it will go anywhere nearly as fast as you think it might. Allot plenty of time, and don’t forget to take breaks as you need them.


Even if a fencing project you tackle is a one-person job, it always goes better with two or more. At the very least, you’ll have some conversation and an extra set of eyes and hands. At best, more people makes the job just go faster.

Supplies: Most of the time, you can’t just buy a fence and expect to be able to put it up by itself. Depending on the kind of fence, you might need anything from stakes and wiring to concrete to pour into bases where you dig holes.

Directions: Bulk fencing supplies might not come with detailed instructions, and even if they do, are you sure they apply to your yard? Take advantage of the online age. From contractor blogs to self-help forums to DIY videos, there is plenty of content out there about how to install any kind of fence. You might even find detailed instructions online from fencing makers.

Good Weather: Some kinds of fencing might be able to go up in the snow and rain, but it’s unlikely. It’s also just not a good idea. Working in inclement weather can frustrate you to the point of rushing the job, doing it wrong, or hurting yourself or the fencing. A sunny day would be nice, but even an overcast day where it’s not raining might just be enough.

If you still aren’t sure about doing it yourself, contact a local fence company like Penns Fence Company in San Diego, CA at (619) 375-3022.


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